PAYER is “Partner of the Year 2022″ at Procter & Gamble

The global Procter & Gamble (P&G) corporation honors PAYER with the "PARTNER OF THE YEAR" Award 2022 in the GROOMING category.

On the evening of November 10, 2022, the Procter & Gamble “Partner of the Year” award ceremony took place in Cincinnati, USA. On behalf of PAYER, Mr. Michael Viet, CEO PAYER Group, and Mr. Shing Leong Hui, Owner & Chairman of the Board of PAYER Group, attended the ceremony and were able to accept this honorable award.

Eleven P&G partners, who are an integral part of the global market leader’s ecosystem, were honored in various categories and business areas. PAYER was named “Partner of the Year” in the GROOMING category.

“It is an incredible feeling to receive this award for the PAYER Group. For PAYER, the long-term partnership with P&G is of high strategic value. With our clear strategic direction and our vision ONE PAYER TO BE NUMBER ONE, striving together as one team to be number one for our customers, we have managed to achieve this top performance. I would like to thank all PAYER employees, who enabled this success. I am very proud to be part of this exceptional team, the PAYER Family”, emphasizes Mr. Michael Viet, CEO PAYER Group.

Mr. Jon Moeller, Chairman, President & CEO P&G, highlights the importance of partnerships with the award winners at the ceremony: “You have been critical to our success. Your sustained performance and partnership have enabled our mutual growth. We want to keep strengthening this partnership between our respective companies because we believe it is a source of competitive advantage.”

In 2008, P&G started the process of evaluating and rewarding external business partners in terms of performance development. The reason for the implementation was to define, measure and collaboratively enhance the business partners performance in order to exceed business needs and enhance relationships. Winners are selected from more than 50,000 business partners.

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