The ideal realization of product ideas in the field of Consumer Goods is our motivation. At PAYER, we achieve it through decades of experience combined with our courage to innovation and our passion to be number one. We operate in the field of Grooming, Styling, Shaving & Epilating, Beauty Care, Household Appliances and Lifestyle Products.

We aim to be the Single-Source Solution Provider of final products in the field of Consumer Goods.

We also support our customers with the development and production of sub-modules of a product/device and expand the scope step by step.

PAYER is known for its competencies

  • As industrialization partner
  • With more than 75 years of experience
  • +10 Mio manufactured products per year

We work at our best with

  • Broad product range
  • Design driven products
  • Individual packaging
  • Highly integrated components
  • Advanced functions

Grooming, Styling, Shaving & Epilating

Over the past seven decades, we have managed to produce and sell well over 150 million hair removal devices – initially under our own name, and subsequently for leading global brands. Over time, our portfolio has grown considerably to a wide range of grooming and styling devices for the individual needs of different target groups and people.

Cutting Systems

Optimal interaction of metal and plastic, minimum manufacturing tolerances, prevention of friction, precision grinded cutting angles and highly automated production processes are decisive criteria for an excellent and long-lasting cutting performance.

Until today, our core competence lies in the development and production of cutting systems for a flawless hair removal. A well-coordinated cutting system is the core element of every hair removal product. It is significant for the performance and is therefore directly responsible for a satisfying result.

Grooming, Styling, Epilating & Shaving

Product Portfolio

shavers for
men & women
& nose hair trimmers
Multi-purpose trimmers
Styling devices

Beauty Care

The Personal Care business unit specializes in the development and manufacture of electrical appliances made of plastics for personal care and cosmetics. To date, it has mainly produced facial care appliances. These products offer innovative solutions to improve personal care efficiency and experience.

Multi-component parts for enhanced quality

Special techniques and concepts, derived primarily from our experience in multi-component injection molding of personal care products, enable us to produce highly sophisticated functional parts and assemblies with the most diverse requirements. Our high safety requirements are met by process validation. This ensures a high level of quality.

Beauty care

Product Portfolio

Facial cleansing and cosmetic devices
Body cleansing and cosmetic devices

Household Appliances

We have successfully transferred our experience and expertise in the development and production of small electrical appliances to the Household & Garden industry and are continuously developing our portfolio tailored to market demands and trends.

We aim to make people’s lives easier and more livable. The home is a place of well-being that can be kept hygienically clean and in good condition with the help of innovative and useful products. Due to the broad process understanding we gained in projects for medical and personal care products, our portfolio in this business unit has organically expanded over the years to integrate the entire household and garden segment.

Excellence in Lifecycle Management

We pay equal attention to the current life cycle of a product and to extending this life cycle. Our reliable change management process accompanies all product life cycles from production to phase-out. Our employees bring experience and expertise to this process.

Household Garden

Product Portfolio

electrical home appliances


Kitchen & living


& smart gardening products

Lifestyle Products

Drawing upon our extensive process understanding gained from projects in medical and personal care products, our business unit has organically expanded over the years to encompass the entire lifestyle segment. Recognizing that one’s lifestyle significantly influences a fulfilling life, we have strategically integrated various products designed for outdoor activities. These products boast a diverse range of functions and an optimal combination of materials, ensuring a harmonious blend of utility and style.

We demand the highest standards of quality in all our business activities, because we know that this is the only way to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction of our partners. We are the trusted and reliable partner of our customers, and we always strive for 100% process reliability, accuracy, and exact documentation of the work process.

Product Portfolio

Lifestyle & leisure-time devices

Sport & activity

Outdoor safety equipment

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