At PAYER, it is our mission to develop and manufacture innovative and technological ambitious Medical products in order to enhance the world’s medical care. We operate in the field of Diagnostics, Patient Support, Surgery and Consumer Health. 

We aim to be a Single-Source Solution Provider of final products in the field of Medical.

We also support our customers with the development and production of sub-modules of a product/device and expand the scope step by step.

PAYER is known for its competencies

  • As industrialization partner
  • With more than 15 years of experience
  • +20 Mio manufactured consumables

We work at our best with

  • Broad product range
  • Products with advanced specifications:
    sterilized products, clean room products, BPA free products
  • Devices, Modules & Consumables
  • Sterilisation
  • BPA free production
  • Individual and sterile packaging requirements
  • Highly integrated components


Our Diagnostics Category defines creating advanced solutions for PCR Analysis, Blood Gas Analysis, and Thrombocytes Analysis. We manufacture high-quality consumables, devices, modules and microfluidics. In PCR Analysis, our products facilitate precise DNA amplification. For Blood Gas Analysis, our devices provide real-time information crucial for critical care. In Thrombocytes Analysis, we offer cutting-edge solutions for studying platelet function. Our commitment to innovation and quality empowers researchers and clinicians to advance diagnostics and improve patient outcomes.

Product Portfolio

Blood Gas Analysis
Thrombo­cytes Analysis

Patient Care

Our Patient Care category creates innovative solutions for Respiratory Systems and Patient Monitoring. We produce consumables, devices, modules and microfluidics to enhance healthcare. In Respiratory Systems, our devices ensure optimal patient breathing. For Patient Monitoring, we offer advanced solutions for real-time insights into vital signs, prioritizing patient care through cutting-edge technologies. Whether it’s consumables, devices, modular solutions, or microfluidics, our Patient Care Devices are committed to innovation and quality. By pushing the boundaries of technology, we empower medical providers with the tools they need to deliver optimal respiratory support and monitor patients effectively, ultimately improving the overall healthcare experience.

Product Portfolio

Respiratory Systems
Patient Monitoring


Our Surgery category specializes in the development and production of advanced solutions for Laparoscopy. We manufacture a comprehensive range of consumables, devices, modules and microfluidics tailored to meet the specific needs of minimally invasive surgical procedures. In the field of Laparoscopy, our focus is on delivering high-quality consumables and devices that enhance precision and efficiency during surgical interventions. From specialized instruments to modular systems and microfluidics, our products are designed to optimize the laparoscopic surgical experience for both surgeons and patients.

Product Portfolio


Consumer Health

Our Consumer Health category focuses on Mother & Child Care and Oral Care, offering a diverse range of products, including consumables, devices, modules and microfluidics. In Mother & Child Care, we provide innovative solutions to support the health and well-being of both mothers and infants. Our portfolio encompasses essential consumables and devices designed to enhance maternal and pediatric care.

For Oral Care, our Business Unit delivers advanced products aimed at promoting dental health and hygiene. From consumables like toothbrushes to cutting-edge oral care devices and modular systems, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions for maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

Through a commitment to innovation and quality, our Consumer Health category aims to improve the overall health and wellness of individuals and families. Whether it’s developing consumables, devices, modular solutions, or microfluidics, we prioritize the well-being of consumers in the Mother & Child Care and Oral Care.

Product Portfolio

Mother & Child Care
Oral Care

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