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As a company we are passionate about enhancing people’s lives by making the world healthier and more sustainable through high quality products and innovation. With a strong focus on respect and a responsible use of resources we are convinced to develop our business sustainably.

We take this corporate responsibility very serious and seize it on all levels – employees, customers, community and environment.

Our COVID-19 response

PAYERprotect - protective face shield

In spring, PAYER took the responsibility to support Austria in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. As a member of the industry's COVID task force and through an existing cooperation with Graz University of Technology (Institute for Innovation and Industry Management), PAYER played a leading role in the development and production of the "PAYERprotect" face shield. The face shield is CE certified and its purpose is the application in the medical field.

The aim of "PAYERprotect" is to protect the health of all people, who are working in the medical sector, by wearing the PAYERprotect face shield and at the same time to make their everyday work more pleasant.


Social Responsibility

A strong link with local community is one crucial success factor in business. We see it as our responsibility to strengthen and support the community. The focus is laid on regional support of the social sector, but also on cultural and sportive areas. For instance, during the first wave of COVID-19 we helped the region with the distribution of food to the elderly and the donation of protection equipment (face shields) to surrounding institutions and schools.

In Ajka, PAYER donated its “PAYER protect” face shields to the local hospital and the local rescue station.


ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors

PAYER started a fundraising campaign for the Rote Nasen Clowndoctors where employees were able to purchase the "PAYERprotect" face shield for private use. In August 2020, the thereby collected amount was handed over to Franz, a jolly red nosed clowndoctor.

Rote Nasen Clowndoctors is an Austrian association with the goal of giving sick people back hope and courage to live in hospitals and care institutions by means of specially trained clowns. Particularly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic patients are longing for possibilities to laugh and cheer. (


Social Partnership

PAYER engages on an international level in the fight against inequality and promotes reasonable and sustainable business. Becoming corporAID partner of the Austrian non-profit organization ICEP is part of this strategic corporate focus. With its social impact programs for Austrian companies with locations in emerging and developing countries, ICEP shows that business and social goals can be aligned and in combination contribute to an economically stronger society. ICEP´s programs in the fight against global poverty are characterized by an economic perspective, based on the main goal to include more people into local supply chains. Through education and vocational training, local people find adequate jobs or even start their own small business. This empowerment improves the perspective and living conditions of individuals and whole families. (

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With 4 international locations, we are strategically well positioned in order to support our global customers.

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With 4 international locations, we are strategically well positioned in order to support our global customers.

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