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Buschenschlössl Sonneck


To this day, PAYER's headquarters is a castle, the Buschenschlössl Sonneck, located west of Graz in the heart of Styria. The history of the castle can be traced back to the 14th century. Back then, a small noble seat of the Ligister family stood on the site of the present castle. In 1404 a "Ligaster Hoff" is mentioned for the first time under the name "Sunnekh".

In the course of the next centuries there were several changes of ownership until it was bought by Josef Kaiser in 1884. He had the estate extended to its present form. In 1951, Eduard Payer bought the Buschenschlössl and made it the headquarters of the PAYER Group in 1952. In 2016 the entire building was renovated and shines in new splendor.


We celebrate - 75 years anniversary of PAYER!
In 75 years of existence, PAYER has developed from a pure manufacturer of men‘s shavers under its own brand to a leading development and industrialization partner for world leading brands in the fields of Personal Care, Personal Health, Household as well as Healthcare & Medical.


To ensure the sustainable company's success , PAYER relies on a diversified and effective location strategy. Five million euros are being invested in the Technology & Innovation Center (PAYER Group headquarters).


The world experiences an unusual time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – a time when cohesion, mutual support and social responsibility are more important than ever. We use our resources and competences during this time and develop as well as produce the face shield "PAYERprotect" in cooperation with the Graz University of Technology in order to contribute to the containment of the pandemic.

We also have the opportunity to present the face shield to our Federal Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, and other Austrian decision makers. [Photo © Atelier Jungwirth]




Employees are the most important resource of a company. Therefore, PAYER decides to implement the PAYER ACADEMY. It is a sophisticated development program for the whole PAYER Group in order to improve and support the personnel development of the PAYER employees.


We celebrate - 70 years anniversary of PAYER! Numerous guests accept the invitation of the PAYER management to the Styrian company headquarters. PAYER Austria welcomes employees and their family, a delegation from China and Hungary, the owner family HUI from Malaysia as well as representatives of Austria, Chamber of Commerce President Josef Herk, IV Managing Director Gernot Pagger and the mayor of the community St. Bartholomä Josef Birnstingl.

The year 2016 is also characterized by innovative hair removal products and beauty devices for global leading brands. The further development regarding cutting performance, functionality and design of the products shape the future thanks to highest quality and innovative solutions



PAYER enhances its existing business portfolio by connecting existing knowledge as well as competences with market requirements. Therefore, a Medical Competence Center is founded at the headquarters. PAYER Austria, the Technology & Innovation Center of the Group, has specialized in manufacturing products for medical technology - in the areas of surgery, ventilation and diagnostics with a focus on special disposables, microfluidic products and smaller assemblies.





A further location is established and founded in Suzhou, China.
Two years later, the production area is enlarged to 8,000 m².





The Malaysian entrepreneurial family HUI acquires PAYER in the early 2000s. Due to their existing network in Asia, the foundation stone for an expansion into the Asian market is laid.





PAYER expands to the East – a joint-venture with a Hungarian company is founded. Five years later, PAYER takes over 100% and executes a change of name. In 2007, the location is completely restored and modernized.


Utterly elegant and quite luxurious is the way the titanium-processed shaver - which is the product of the design cooperation with F.A. Porsche - presents itself in the year of our 40th anniversary. Moreover, silvered shavers presented in the "clothing by Porsche" are successfully launched.


PAYER exports the shaver "Craftsman" to the USA. It is successfully distributed in catalogues of the gigantic US mail-order company Sears, Roebuck and Company.



The shaver Payer-Lux Super is already equipped with a comb shaving head.
The Payer-Lux  Super is highly sophisticated and is a great success for PAYER.




Since business is going well, more space is needed. Therefore, Mr. Payer is looking for a new business location. He acquires the Buschenschlössl Sonneck, which is a castle to the west of Styria. The castle becomes headquarters of the company – and still is it today.




Eduard Payer founds the company
with the vision of producing
the world’s best shaver for men.

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With 4 international locations, we are strategically well positioned in order to support our global customers.

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With 4 international locations, we are strategically well positioned in order to support our global customers.

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