We tailor our technologies and competences to our customer’s individual needs and requirements and are able to build upon more than 75 years of experience.

Trusted Source for Leading Brands

We have built up strategic partnerships with several global leading brands, who value our innovative strength and our high-quality standard. We are able to solve and implement customer ideas as well as to take visionary ideas and independently develop innovative product solutions based on decades of expertise in development, industrialization, mold and tool construction, plastic injection molding, metal processing and assembling.

The attitudes, preferences, and the buying behavior of the growing younger generations are influencing and changing the personal care market. Therefore, the grooming & styling business is thriving and rapidly growing, with a double digit CAGR across the globe.

Professional healthcare and consumer, or rather personal, health are merging as patients take more responsibility for self-managing their health and welfare.

The household appliances market is accompanied by challenges, innovations, and transformations. Smart technology and the transition to more energy-efficient appliances shape the market.

The global medical devices market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4 % within the next few years. Especially medical consumables are increasing rapidly as patient safety has the highest priority.
This is the key figure for our business unit Healthcare-Medical and shows a female doctor in a white coat.

Consumer Care& Professional Products

Working behind the scenes of a broad range of “household name” consumer products that millions of users have grown to love and enjoy around the world, the probability of having had a PAYER-produced appliance or device in your hands, is very high.

A parent caring for the newborn, a person taking care of him- or herself with modern electronic shaving and grooming devices, or a family climbing a mountain while protecting themselves against the risk of avalanches – the range of products that have been developed and manufactured by us is incredibly broad. True to our vision of being number one in the markets we engage in, these high-quality products have all been made with the greatest care for customer benefit as well as the needs of customers in mind. In serving leading brand names around the world, we put decades of highly specialized experience and expertise to the best possible use. With sophisticated industrial tools, state-of-the-art plastic injection molding and metals processing technologies, and highly reliable manufacturing and assembly processes, we have been able to develop and sustain a number of mutually valued, long-term relationships with our strategic partners.

In addition to high-quality consumer goods, the passion to maximize customer value has also led us to cater to the very specialized needs of the medical and healthcare industry – with a strong focus on process security and in close cooperation with a number of global healthcare technology providers, who now benefit from the value we offer in this demanding industry.


We have built up successful partnerships with leading B2C as well as B2B brands for more than 75 years. During this time, we have learned how we can let our customer’s brands shine even brighter by

the use of innovative technologies,
high-qualified personnel at our global sites,
very short time to accomplish market maturity,
process reliability & risk reduction and
our passion, to connect our success with the success of our partners.

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