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PAYER's success - it's all about people!

Together with the customer and together in the team, employees can act in an international environment and at the same time in a family-like atmosphere. Employees have the possibility to contribute their own strengths and their passion to win to the company’s success.

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Open positions

Lehre Product Design - Konstrukteur mit Schwerpunkt Maschinenbautechnik (m|w|x)
Location Reiteregg, AUSTRIA
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ProduktionsmitarbeiterIn - Handmontage
Location Reiteregg, AUSTRIA
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MaschineneinstellerIn Automatisierungstechnik (m|w|x)
Location Reiteregg, AUSTRIA
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Project Manager Electrical Engineering (m|w|x)
Location Reiteregg, AUSTRIA
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InstandhalterIn Produktionsanlagen (m|w|x)
Location Reiteregg, AUSTRIA
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LagermitarbeiterIn (m|w|x)
Location Reiteregg, AUSTRIA
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Location Reiteregg, AUSTRIA
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MaschineneinstellerIn Kunststoffspritzguss m|w|x
Location Reiteregg, AUSTRIA
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Location Ajka, HUNGARY
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  • Family friendly company
  • Appreciative and respectful working atmosphere
  • Intergenerational working
  • Flexible work time model
  • Education and training (PAYER Academy)
  • Health program
  • Canteen
  • Parking for free
  • Events for employees
Employees are our most important resource

Lifelong Learning

At PAYER, we strive for skill and personal development of our employees. Therefore, the PAYER ACADEMY was implemented. It is a sophisticated development program for the whole PAYER Group in order to improve and support the personal development.

Furthermore, we focus strong partnerships with universities, like Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), in order to enhance our competences and know-how and strengthen our network.

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Susanne Fritz
Learning is like rowing against the current, if you stop it, you drift back.

In comparison to other companies, at PAYER I personally got to know all of my Austrian colleagues and I really appreciate the family working atmosphere. Furthermore, the fun and joy of work are not missed out. I also had the opportunity to develop myself further within the company.
I look forward to getting to know the personality of applicants. The more authentic we show ourselves, the more successful our future cooperation will be.

Johannes Dokter
Passion is the best tool.

At PAYER you work as a team in a appreciative environment and at the same you time manufacture products for globally known companies – this combination makes PAYER unique.

I have already completed my apprenticeship as a toolmaker at PAYER and I am now Head of Tool Shop in Austria and train apprentices by myself.

Kathy Chen
Stay true to your principles.

I have worked at PAYER China for several years, focusing on the introduction and implementation of new projects, which has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in the personal care field. The development of a product from design to mass production is extremely exciting for me.
I really enjoy working at PAYER, contributing to the team and serving our customers with optimal solutions.

Sebastian Grabitzer
Give your best and learn from mistakes.

My colleagues are always polite and nice and I enjoy the family working environment. I really like my job as well as the work at PAYER because I receive an overall insight into every manufacturing step.

My competent colleagues support me all the time, if I need help or have any questions.

Daniela Langmann
Head of Supply Chain Management
Better a few blisters than cold fingers for a lifetime.

I have been working with PAYER for 20 years and have gotten the possibility to develop further within the company for several times. I particularly appreciate this opportunity and it is also one of many reasons why PAYER is a really great employer.
Furthermore, it was also exciting to see the progress of PAYER: from the razor manufacturer then to the manufacturer of special medical products today.

Jerry Chen
Actions speak louder than words.

I started working for the company four years ago and I really enjoy working with PAYER. We are ONE TEAM and we always work together like a family. Whenever I face challenges at work or in life, I can ask my boss and colleagues for help.
Since PAYER is a multinational company, I have the opportunity to work with people from different countries. This allows me to learn about other cultures and improve my communication and language skills at the same time.

Join PAYER, start a great career!

Mathias Oswald
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

At PAYER I can develop personal care products for well-known customers from Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia – from the first sketch to series production.
Even after almost 35 years working with PAYER and numerous product developments, it is always an exciting and challenging and – at the same time – very nice task for me to bring a product into production and launching it smoothly and competitively with my colleagues from Austria, China and Hungary.

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Voices of our company

At PAYER, we really appreciate the loyalty, passion as well as intrinsic motivation of our employees. We are ONE TEAM and reach targets together!

We are looking for young talents who we can train and develop. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Apprenticeship @ PAYER Austria

We offer apprenticeships for becoming a metal engineer the tool making and becoming a plastics engineer.
As metal engineer in tool making, you provide tools such as injection molding tools, punching tools and devices for the assembly of components, which are used in production processes.
As plastics engineer, you manufacture semi-finished as well as finished products and components.

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With 4 international locations, we are strategically well positioned in order to support our global customers.

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Contact us

With 4 international locations, we are strategically well positioned in order to support our global customers.

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