Payer Industries Hungary Kft - New General Manager Mr. Csaba MÁTHÉ

Ajka, 08.07.2013

Dear Partner!

This is to inform you that Mr. Heinz MÜLLNER, General Manager of Payer Industries Hungary Kft will retire by July 31, 2013.

The Board of Directors, on behalf of the whole PAYER Group, would like to say thank Mr. Müllner for his valuable contribution and extraordinary commitment during these past 2,5 years.

The Board decided to appoint Mr. Csaba MÁTHÉ as the new General Manager of Payer Industries Hungary Kft who took over all operational responsibilities from Mr. MÜLLNER with effect from June 3, 2013.

Mr. MÁTHÉ joined Payer Industries Hungary Kft in October 2012 as Assembly Production and Engineering Director and has long-term experience in different business areas and departments. In the footsteps of Mr. MÜLLNER now he gets the opportunity to implement his comprehensive and valuable know-how into PAYER Group.

We wish him, together with the Board of Directors and the management team good luck to drive Payer Industries Hungary Kft. to further successes.