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PAYER starts series production of face shield PAYERprotect

As the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading very fast, the demand for protective equipment, especially for healthcare and medical workers, is increasing rapidly. For this reason, the Institute for Innovation and Industrial Management at Graz University of Technology developed a face shield in cooperation with PAYER Medical. The first 1,000 pieces were produced by the TU Graz using 3D printing. The face shield prototypes have also been successfully tested in close collaboration with doctors and experts.

PAYER Medical started series production at location in Austria.

Large quantities can be produced while maintaining the highest manufacturing standards.

Based on years of experience in the medical technology sector, high-quality materials for the production of the face shield are used by PAYER Medical, so that PAYERprotect meets the highest quality requirements. PAYER Medical is certified for the manufacturing of medical devices and produces the protective shields in the clean room.

In addition to hospitals, the face shields can also be used by nursing staff, dentists, sales personnel as well as by the executive.

University Professor Dr. Christian Ramsauer:

“PAYER is a successful company that produces for large world market leaders. The company impresses with its high level of innovation, reliability and flexibility, which is why this cooperation with Graz University of Technology is so successful.“

Michael Viet, CEO PAYER Group:

Especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be seen that a large number of our products save lives. We produce parts for respirators and intensive care and I am very proud that our team in cooperation with Graz University of Technology has developed a face shield over the past few weeks with which we are now going into series production and can meet the high needs in Austria and Hungary.“