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PAYER Invests in Technology & Expands to Southeast Asia

In order to secure the sustainable company's success, PAYER relies on a diversified and effective location strategy. Currently, five million euros are being invested in the Technology & Innovation Center, headquarters of the corporate group west of Graz. The production facility specializing in medical technology is being expanded, the laboratory and testing infrastructure is being modernized, the Cutter Competence Center is being expanded and modernized, and office space is being renovated. This will enable the company's technological edge, innovative strength and cutting expertise to be continuously advanced and secured in the long term.


In addition, the global setup of the PAYER Group will be expanded by a further location in Southeast Asia. After careful and intensive analysis, the decision has been made in favor of Malaysia.

"The basic reason for the expansion to Malaysia is to diversify our supply chain in Asia and thus to further strengthen our resilience and agility in order to optimally serve our customers with whom we want to continue our growth path," reports Michael Viet, CEO PAYER Group.

The site will be built near Penang, Malaysia, and will start operations as early as the beginning of next year. First and foremost, production will focus on the Personal Care business unit, the Grooming & Styling division. Subsequently, it is planned to expand production to the Healthcare & Medical business unit.