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My name is Daniela Riedler and I joined the PAYER Family on July 1, 2022 as Head of Global HR. Before that, I worked for many years in a similar role at an international glass manufacturer. My motto: "Focus on people - develop with passion, move forward and achieve goals!"


Have you already been able to implement innovative measures during your time at PAYER?

The entire human resources sector is currently undergoing massive and rapid change. Accelerated by the Corona crisis, employees' and applicants' ideas about working life have shifted; there is a strong trend towards self-determination, meaningfulness of work and flexibility. This is where we have already started and created the possibility of home office and an attractive flexitime model in order to optimally reconcile private and professional life.


What will be the focus for PAYER's HR department in the coming years?

Quite clearly, it is about keeping existing employees in the company, by continuing to offer an interesting environment where people can develop well and many different doors are open. This is possible because PAYER is growing slowly but steadily, we are always developing new and interesting projects with our customers, and we provide employees with good support on their career paths, not least with our very extensive training program as part of the PAYER Academy. That means talent development is at the top of the agenda.


PAYER is growing steadily due to major projects and investments. How are you dealing with this as the head of HR?

At the moment, it's a matter of making the company better known to the outside world and conveying the good image accordingly so that people become aware of PAYER. On the one hand, it is necessary to adapt the organization due to the growth, on the other hand, for example, we have recently introduced team leader structures that make it possible for young managers to gain initial experience in the area of leadership.


Is there anything you would like to say to potential applicants?

If you have dedication and passion and want to be among the best, PAYER is definitely the right place for you. The general attitude is important; if one or the other qualification is missing, that's usually not a problem, here we can readjust with training and seminars. We are very happy to get to know candidates in a personal interview, where you can usually tell very quickly whether you are a good match.