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Mag. Michael Viet returned to the globally based PAYER Group, which works with leading brands worldwide, as CEO in 2019. He already held various leadership positions at PAYER from 1995-2006. In the meantime, Viet worked very successfully for the Swedish industrial group Sandvik AB in various international leadership positions.

The Senate of Economy, Austria's first and largest party-politically independent organization, is composed of active personalities from business, science and society who are aware of their responsibility towards the state and society and who jointly contribute to the practical implementation of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Eco-Social Market Economy.

In keeping with the traditional ideas of the senates in ancient times, a circle of entrepreneurs of independent spirit is dedicated to the common good over particular interests.

Fairness and partnership in business life as well as social competence of entrepreneurs and executives characterize the work of the Senate. In dialogue with representatives from politics and science, solution-oriented and partnership-based acute problems - predominantly of the business location Austria - by the makers of our society (the entrepreneurs, the makers of our economy & society) - to promote.