PAYER expands in Austria with increased focus on medical technology

St. Bartholomä, 26.01.2015

The PAYER Group
PAYER has been developing product ideas for well-known brands worldwide for almost 70 years, providing customer support through serial production of complex products.
The success story began with electric shavers. Today, the company has established itself as a strategic partner in the B2B world for a variety of sectors and industries, now at four locations: St. Bartholomä in Austria, Hungary, China and new in Graz.

Continued core competence
The development of complex products and components, building the necessary tools, plastic injection moulding and assembly (of complete products) are the core competencies of PAYER.
Through intensive preparation since 2009, specialized know-how and intensified customer-supplier relationships with such international clients as Roche, numerous medical devices, system components and consumables for in vitro and homecare diagnostics have been successfully developed and manufactured.

PAYER secures medical technological know-how for Styria
In 2014, PAYER established PAYER Medical GmbH in Austria. From January 2015 onward, the company continued the production of sensors for a Roche blood gas analysis unit in the clean room of the former Roche location in the west of Graz, on an area of 1,890 m². This gives further impetus to developments in that field.

Job security
50 qualified former Roche employees with many years of experience in electrochemical and sensor technology were acquired by PAYER or integrated into the existing team in order to ensure and continue developing the necessary high level of quality. More new employees were acquired.
It was contractually confirmed between PAYER and Roche that the production site in Graz (Space one) would continue handling sensor production in the future. A total of some 90 people are employed at PAYER Medical GmbH (St. Bartholomä and Graz).

New synergies and increased needs for the future
Through the expansion and reinforcement of this PAYER Medical business unit new synergies and possibilities arise for the realisation of further product ideas in the medical technology field and completing them in the series. In health care, there is an increased demand for products that are of high quality and safe and easy to use. The expected sales for the first fiscal year is approximately EUR 13 million.



PAYER Group CEO Franz-Karl Jenny with Dr Christian Buchmann and the two PAYER Medical managers Harald Riedlhuber (PAYER) and Dietmar Werkl (former Roche employee) with sensors for Roche.