1946 - 2016: 70 years anniversary of PAYER

St. Bartholomä, 09.09.2016

The development and production of hair removal and beauty devices for global acting B2B customers is still the core business of the PAYER group. The gained know-how was successfully adapted to various industries sectors. The new business fields like Medical and Automotive generated growth for the group in the past years. 


Our customers are well known brand like

  • Procter & Gamble (Braun), Philips and further Grooming & Beauty companies
  • Roche (Medical)
  • Kärcher, Mammut and many more


The turnover of the group in the year 2016 is around 75 Mio. €. The PAYER group employs 800 people at five locations - whereby every fith person work in Austria.