Certified according to DIN / ÖNORM EN 166


Simple disassembly and assembly of components for cleaning and disinfection according to medical requirements. 1


All components are

  • resistant to alcohol (disinfectants) and hydrogen peroxide
  • washable with soap suds (up to 60°C)
  • exchangeable and interchangeable.


All components are made of high-quality materials approved for medical use.

Material selection 2

  1. Head visor: ABS
  2. Full faceshield: PET-G
  3. Head strap: high-quality elastomer

    The optional comfort band is made of closed-pore, non-absorbent foam.




The reusability of the face shield ensures long-term protection of your employees and customers.




Complementary information:


1 The pilot series, used and tested in Styrian hospitals, was approved by the Institute for Hospital Hygiene and Microbiology for use in the non-surgical areas.


2 The feedback from the pilot users development showed the importance of ensuring an hygienic reuse. Standard face shields are very often equipped with open-pore foams as shield carriers. These absorb liquids and therefore cannot be cleaned adequately and are only suitable for single use. This was taken into account in design and material selection.