Product overview

Certified according to DIN / ÖNORM EN 166


Developed and tested with doctors and the Graz University of Technology as protection against Covid-19. 1


  • Ergonomic and lightweight design suitable for multi-hour use
  • Can be combined with protective masks, protective glasses and optical glasses
  • All materials approved for use in medical products
  • Secure reusability through easy cleaning of all components
  • Simple 3 piece construction:
  1. Head visor
    Safe protection from above as well as from front with inclined head due to the closed design of the head visor. 2

  2. Full faceshield
    The 3D design of the high-quality plastic film provides an extra large lateral protection area. 3

  3. Head strap
    Secure grip through the broad, elastic and size adjustable head strap. 4

    The face shield is delivered with a comfort band, which can optionally be mounted on the head visor.




Many years of experience in manufacturing of medical products from prototype to serial products.


  • Highest quality standards
  • Produced under clean room conditions in compliance with medical standard ISO 13485
  • Austrian product with short & robust supply chain



Effective protection for everyone with social contacts for professional and private use.


  • Health Care (hospitals, established doctors, nursing homes, physiotherapists)
  • Education (universities, schools, kindergartens)
  • Authorities/Administration (municipality, regional councils, courts)
  • Public transport (employees in buss and train transport)
  • Security services (police, security staff)
  • Retail (employees in sales, cashiers)
  • Service providers (hairdressers, manicure salons)
  • Production (industrial workers)
  • Handcraft (plumbers, fitters, carpenters )
  • Private purposes (shopping, family reunions)




Complementary informationen:


1 The face shield was developed and tested in cooperation with Graz University of Technology and doctors from the University Hospital Graz as well as doctors from LKH Graz West. Therefore, a pilot run of 5.000 face shields were delivered to the Styrian Hospitals Limited Liability Company (abbreviated KAGes, for Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.)


2 The closed design of the head visor was a necessary requirement for the doctors involved in the development for the use in the medical field. Especially, when working on the patient, for example when taking a blood sample, the head is often tilted downwards. An open design of the head visor does not offer adequate protection. A similar situation occurs, for example, with teachers or kindergarten teachers when dealing with children.


3 The lateral protection area was adapted in consultation with doctors and nurses, thus significantly increasing protection and the resulting sense of security. The guaranteed distance between the visor and face reliably prevents the visor from tarnishing.


4 The head strap is suitable for wearing with long hair (ponytail), thanks to an integrated strap duct.