Small series

Exclusive manufacturing and assembly competences

Small series production and assembly

Process know-how in the small series production

Producing small lots require special processes and process know-how for all phases from development over industrialization to production. PAYER’s project team develop together with the costumer optimal solutions. During this joint development all competences of our prototyping resources can be used. This brings immediate first results, which are tangible to the customer and pave the way for further manufacturing.

The core element of the small series is the powerful toolmaking in Austria. High-quality tools from the rapid tooling program are available within just a few weeks and make the products ready for series production. During, as well as after the development phase, PAYER guarantees a high degree of flexibility regarding adaptations and changes.

Manufacturing and assembly

According to customer requests, we manufacture a wide range of plastic components and systems for the medical, automotive, household and industrial sectors on modern injection molding machines with a clamping force of up to 550 tons. With our assembly capacities, we offer customers the opportunity to have small series prefabricated or finished with us. Thereby we ensure the highest standards under constant and controlled quality.

Target group orientation is prioritized

PAYER offers the highest degree of flexibility to guarantee the largest possible customer orientation. From individual pieces to prototypes made of original plastics, from small series in highest quality to large series, as well as from simple plastic parts to ready-packaged electrical appliances. We also offer our customers to use the additional production facilities in Hungary or China. All from one hand.

Innovative products

PAYER is your partner when it comes to getting the first product ideas to life and testing the marketability of a product. All the knowledge gathered in this process can, if required, be quickly transferred to the large-scale production process - right up to a fully automated manufacturing solution.

Exclusive and high technology components

PAYER is focused on small series of high-quality which are individualized and therefore not for the mass market. This often involves the finishing of the parts, the manual assembly and individual parts packaging. All steps are always supported by a well-established global purchasing and supplier structure.