Program Management

Mastering complexity

product outsourcing

1. High level project management

Project coordination, interface management of the individual links of the supply chain as well as the professional exchange of experience amongst the experts are decisive for a project’s success.


Experienced project leaders undertake the coordination of all development and product realization processes and guarantee the compliance of all requirements and milestones.


The closeness to the customers and the straightforward and prompt communication is reached by the central project coordination. Thus, all competences of the PAYER Group can be accessed.

Through the interactive project management, we can meet the specific requirements of our customers throughout all project phases.

2. Quality - our driving force

A modern quality management and a well-trained team are the basis for a trusting and long-lasting customer relationship. We aim optimal quality on all levels of our business activity in order to gain the utmost satisfaction of our partners. For repeatable results process reliability, accuracy and exact documentation of the workflow are required.

Our development and product locations in Austria, Hungary and China operate according to the systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 16949 and OHSAS 18001 and therefore, meet all requirements concerning the production of the devices and components for the diverse business areas. This: 

  • maintains product and process quality
  • help to preserve the environment
  • protect employees’ health and safety


Due to regular reviews, a high-level quality management can be enabled. Trained staff is responsible for ensuring that these quality management systems are continuously developed and improved. In addition, regular customer audits and recertification by accredited external bodies are carried out at our locations.


Testing environment

Comprehensive product tests are part of our understanding of holistic quality standards. Detailed test plans are developed and implemented deduced from the product requirements. The continuous verifications via use tests are carried out in our on-site test laboratories: for an efficient production as well as highest product reliability.

3. Supply Chain Management - experienced procurement specialists

Over the entire product life cycle, the international Supply Chain Management (SCM) guarantees optimal conditions and requirements at the initial purchasing stage as well as in the subsequent procurement. Purchasing parts and materials are only acquired from carefully selected suppliers, with which PAYER cooperates in partnership.


Timely integration of strategic suppliers in our processes is important to us in order to use the competences of sub-contractors early in the project phases and thereby keeping track on the costs. To us, the safeguarding of high-quality standards is crucial. This is reflected by the strict selection criteria in terms of our suppliers and in the continuous assessment and development during the series delivery.


This guarantees a problem-free material stream and allows us to work and deliver on time, realiably and flexibly to meet our customers’ expectations.