Plastics injection molding

From technical and high-performance plastics to multi-component injection molding

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Plastics injection molding

On our injection molding machines, we process technical plastics to high-performance plastics and are able to access clamping forces of 30 to 550 tons. With more than 100 injection molding machines throughout the Group, we produce parts which are mainly assembled or which are directly delivered to the customers. Robot systems for handling guarantee compliance with high surface requirements and accuracies with simultaneous high efficiency.

Surface finishing

Unique surface finishing, appropriate expertise and long-term experience in painting/lacquering, galvanising, printing etc. complement the range of services.

Service portfolio

  • All types of processing of thermoplastic materials
  • Multi-component injection molding in decorative and surface technology as well as for sealing requirements
  • Metal bonded parts
  • In-mold decoration parts
  • Highly automated systems using a powerful production management system
  • Proven processes for the take over of existing tools and continuation of injection molding and product assembly


Integrated quality control ensures that every stage of the process meets the same high standards.

efficient production planning
trained staff in the injection moulding
Injection moulding