Becoming a global player with Austrian roots within 70 years

PAYER a family company 
1946: Eduard Payer founds PAYER Lux in Graz, Austria
1952: The company moves to St. Bartholomä, near Graz
1976: Eduard Payer’s son in law, Dr. Stross, becomes owner of the company


PAYER goes International
1992: Founding of PAYER Kvattro, a joint venture in Ajka, Hungary
1995: Philips acquires a minority interest in PAYER
1996: First Ladyshaver launched as the company expands from shaver production into personal care products
1997: Acquires a 100% stake in PAYER Kvattro and renames it to PAYER Industries Hungary


PAYER changes of ownership
2001: Philips becomes 100% owner
2001: Acquires 100% interest in GEG Elektroprodukte and renames it to PAYER Germany
2002: The Malaysian company HUI Holding becomes 100% owner


PAYER the international company
2003: PAYER Industries China established in Suzhou, China
2005: PAYER Industries China expands from 2,000 to 8,000 square metres of factory space
2005: PAYER Hong Kong established


2006: Two new business units created: Personal Care as well as Industrial Solutions / Health Care Solutions
2007: New factory opens in Ajka, Hungary
2008: PAYER Industries Ukraine established
2009: Health Care Solutions becomes a separate business unit
2010: Medical technology and skills centre opens in Austria
2012: Increase tool shop capacity at PAYER Hungary
2013: Strategic realignment and clearly defined business fields
2014: PAYER Medical GmbH established in Austria
2015: Start of sensor production at the PAYER Medical facility in Graz
2015: Go live of the rapid tooling program
2017: Integration of the former Luxoplast production facility in Kecskemét, Hungary