Medical assemblies

and system integration

Medical assemblies and system integration

Developing an understanding for customer requirements and managing complex, dynamic processes in product development requires a holistic perspective. PAYER Medical sees itself as a partner covering all areas from conception to (sterile) packaging of the finished product and thus offering an integrated solution. Mechanical, electronic and fluidic designs are the main elements in our understanding of the system.


Industrialization skills

Already in the offer phase for a new project, we contribute with our deep understanding of the process by creating the best conditions for a successful product realization.

The elimination of external interfaces allows a rapid industrialization concept that considers all aspects of an industrialization process.


In any case, a transition to series production always forms an integral part of our activities, already starting in the early stages of development.

In close partnership with our customers, we are able to optimize product design in terms of efficiency and process reliability through our proactive approach to process engineering.

Supported by SOE (sequence of events) analyses, manufacturing processes can be set up, analyzed and optimized in detailed steps.


Supply Chain Management

PAYER relies on a strategic and interconnected procurement management. We benefit from long-term suppliers, especially in the area of assemblies and complete systems. It is vital to obtain sufficient and superior raw materials and components any time.


Packaging concepts and sterile packaging

In the development and implementation of suitable packaging concepts for medical devices, we cover not only the standard requirements of mechanical stability but also requirements for minimal microbiological contamination and maximum particle freedom. We look at the entire value chain beginning with the supply chain and integrate our options for clean room production and expertise in the selection of suitable sterilization methods in order to achieve maximum product safety.


"The high level of expertise in developing complete, customer-tailored systems is the key USP of PAYER Medical."