in medical technology


Modern diagnostic analysis methods require continuously smaller sample volumes. This brings advantages for the patient as well as shorter measuring times and more efficient processes during measuring.

Devices and analytical methods at the point-of-care (POC) are gaining importance. The accurate delivery, dosing and measurement of samples play an important role and require new fluidic and microfluidic components and systems. Biochips with integrated fluidic functionalities provide the foundation for future solutions.


PAYER Medical has many years of know-how as well as numerous technologies for the designing and thus the realization of microfluidic systems. We move, position and mix samples of a wide range of liquids in microlitre without loss or distortion. Regarding disposables, the benefit is that only the cartridges themselves are contaminated with samples which increases the safety in handling. Furthermore, the realization of disposable plastic consumables is a decisive advantage in terms of accuracy and efficiency. 



"Developed together with the customer, the plastics cup for blood samples increases the safety of arterial blood collection by eliminating the previously given risk of glass breakage."