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Products with a plus when it comes to quality, comfort and safety

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Children are close to our heart

We have set ourselves the goal of the perfect realization of products that meet the highest safety requirements and are directed to quality and user-friendliness. Here, again, our approach is to actively support our customers in the design phase and due to that, optimizing all downstream product development steps. Amongst other things, this includes the selection of specific materials, responsible supplier management, compliance with hygienic and ecological standards, efficient production and optimization in assembly.

Range of services

  • Devices for cleaning / sterilization
  • Devices for care and health
  • Devices for food preparation
  • Nursing products

Mulit-component parts for enhanced quality

Special techniques and waterproofing concepts that derive primarily from our experience in dual-component (2K) injection molding allow us to produce sophisticated multi-functional parts and assemblies with the broadest range of requirements and functions. Our high safety requirements are fulfilled by the process validation. This ensures high-level quality.

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Component assembly