Efficiency and the highest level of process reliability in the manufacturing of assemblies

automotive contract manufacturing

Implementing automotive projects successfully

The challenges faced by the automotive industry are unparalleled in their diversity. Whether these take the form of highly varied customer requirements, constraints and guidelines, changes in technology or cost optimisation – every single one of them is a factor that manufacturers and suppliers must continuously address.


Within this environment, PAYER has established itself as a components supplier – we see ourselves as a 'one-stop shop'. From the initial concept, toolmaking, the manufacturing of plastic injection moulded parts and metal-working, to the assembly of small and medium-sized components – these are the areas in which our strengths lie. Responding to and flawlessly implementing customers' wishes – that is our business. Becoming involved in customer projects at an early stage enables us to ensure quality and process reliability while supplying a successful end product and maintaining our strong focus on cost-awareness.

Range of services

  • Providing innovation and development
  • Mould and tool construction: Multi-component, precision and multi-cavity tools
  • Functional technical components and decorative plastic parts and assemblies for interior and exterior
  • Proficiency in the manufacture of small and medium-sized production runs with high diversity
  • Supply Chain Management and a sophisticated logistics system
  • A comprehensive service portfolio and after sales service
  • Certified according to ISO TS 16949


Leading companies rely most of all on our mould and tool manufacturing skills, as we prioritise the precision of our tools and plastic components above all else. Our ISO/TS 16949 certification means that PAYER ideally equipped to meet all the demands of the automotive industry.

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